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[足膜降价打折] Dr. Scholl’s Foot Mask 3-Pack Just $5.78 Shipped

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-12-20
On Amazon where you can now get this Dr. Scholl’s Ultra Hydrating Foot Mask 3-Pack for just $5.78 shipped (regularly $10.49).

Just pop these on clean feet for 30 minutes and let the super-hydrating formula inside the booties do the work. Your feet will be soft and hydrated with minimal effort!

Kick-start your foot care with this dry skin rescue treatment. Enriched with urea and essential oils, these foot masks are infused with a super-hydrating formula that penetrates deeply to heal and hydrate dry, cracked skin. It restores your skin's natural moisture balance, leaving your feet feeling silky smooth and soft.

Dr. Scholl's 是一家知名的足部护理品牌,提供各种足部护理产品,包括足部舒适鞋垫、足部磨砂工具、足部按摩器等。足膜旨在为您的脚提供深层滋润和护理。它可能包含一系列保湿成分,有助于软化和滋养皮肤,缓解干燥和粗糙的足部肌肤。
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