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[狗狗零食降价打折] BIXBI Liberty Freeze Dried Dog Food Topper Only $6

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2024-05-08
Today, May 8th only or while supplies last, on Amazon where they are offering these BIXBI Liberty Freeze Dried Dog Food Topper + Treats 4.5oz bags for just $6 (regularly $11.99)!

Available in Chicken & Salmon, Beef, and Chicken flavors, these dried bits are perfect for topping your pup’s dinner bowl or offering as treats! They’re made with USDA-inspected and USA-sourced meats, only 3-4 ingredients, with no added fillers or flavorings, no artificial preservatives or colors, and no rendered by-products.

BIXBI Liberty冷冻干燥宠物食品增香剂是一种营养丰富、口感美味的狗狗零食。它采用人类级别的新鲜肉类和蔬菜作为原料,经过特殊的冷冻干燥工艺制成。您可以将BIXBI增香剂撒在狗狗的主食上,增加营养价值的同时也刺激狗狗的食欲。它既可作为独立的训练奖励,也可作为每日的营养补充。绝对是爱狗人士的优质之选!
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