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西雅图旅行社列表(Best Seattle Travel Agency Lists)

作者: JC, 更新日期: 2013-05-20
You can use any of the following agencies in downtown Seattle to find cheap airfares to China.

AA Travel
Seattle China Town Phone: (206) 388-1616, 601 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104
Comment: AA Travel probably has the lowest pricing on certain air tickets, including trips back to China. They also process travel documents/visas. However, their service attitude is not very good. If you ask a lot of questions, they would hang up on you fast.

Jade Holiday Travel 翡翠旅行社
Seattle China Town phone: (206) 682-6988
623 South King Street, Seattle, WA 98104
Comment: Jade travel used to offer cheap flight tickets, but now sometimes AA Travel is cheaper, or both of them have similar pricing. What you can do is to just ask for quotes and push them for lower price.

Grand Travel And Tours
8151 164th Ave NE Suite 104, Redmond, WA 98052, 425-882-0501
Comment: somebody used it for travel document. The price is cheaper than AA and Jade travel. If you are at Microsoft, the agent could come over to pick up and drop off your document. Joyce is a nice agent there,

YWPW Chinese Visa Service
Comment:This is an online travel/ticket service. They do Chinese visa application and document authentication services by mail. Could be an alternative to the local travel agencies such as AA Travel or Jade Travel in Seattle. If someone knows of their service quality, please follow up with comments.

Ocean Pacific Travel
1050 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104-3016, (206) 324-6530
Comment: somebody used it, but don't know about their service and price.

Comments (1)

1. HL 2013-05-20 10:10
最近听朋友说,回国机票网上订反倒比旅行社便宜了好几百块. 具体的可以看这篇 在美国如何买便宜的机票
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