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Best Roofing Companies In Seattle

作者: JC
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After purchasing a house, sooner or later, it is time to start looking for a good roofer to repair/clean the roof. According to a consumer report, 25-30% of the customers are not satisfied with the work done by their roofing companies. To address this issue, below are some resources to find the best roofers in the greater Seattle area.

Puget Sound Consumers Checkbook
Comment: ratings of local roofing companies

The following are roofing companies rated as good quality.

A Better Roofing in Seattle
Anderson Roofing in Issaquah
Hanley Construction in Port Orchard
Horizon Roofing in Federal Way
Legacy Roofing in Redmond
Redmond Roofing in Redmond
Schnell Roofing in Woodinville
Westurn Roofing & Supply in Seattle

Lastly, don't pay the entire fee upfront. Let the roofing company finish the job and then you have the upper-hand to give them what they deserve.

Learn more on the list of recommended roofing companies at Seattle Best Roofers
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