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Amazon Baby Registry的问题及答案

作者: HL
1. 啥是Amazon Baby Registry?
与Wedding Registry类似,Amazon Baby Registry 是用于登记自己的孩子出生的通知及所需礼物, 以便亲朋好友赠送baby shower礼物, 这个更适用于美国文化. Amazon有很多婴儿产品. Amazon baby registry就是一个发现合适的婴儿用品的工具.

2. 亚马逊Baby Registry如何填写?
首先,先注册baby registry, 只需要填写预产期,你和baby的简单信息即可. 然后就开始着手添加你感兴趣的东西放到shopping cart里面去. 添加10件及以上, 你的baby registry才可以激活. 然后还要等上几天才会收到Amazon发的邮件说你的baby registry确认建立成功了. 记住要享受10%的折扣, 一定要在14天内激活baby registry.

3. 如何用10%的discount?
最后一个月(也就是距离你登记的Due Date一个月前后), 你会在你的registry上方看到一个note, Baby Registry有 10% completion discount.

4. 注意事项
用10% discount, 只能一次性添加进入shopping cart. 另外, 10件用品是激活baby registry的条件. 但不必10件都买. 想买几件只要在规定日期范围内都可以有10%的off.
Comments (2)
1. HL 2015-10-12 10:43
For a limited time, Amazon Prime members who create an Amazon baby registry on or after September 2, 2015 using Jumpstart and have over $100 of purchases from their registry (from either themselves and/or gifters!) are eligible to receive a FREE Welcome Box containing a selection of products for both baby and parents. Keep in mind that if you are stocking up on baby wipes, diapers, pacifiers, baby shampoo etc, it should not be hard to reach the $100 threshold.

2. HL 2017-07-11 16:44
Starting today and through July 31st, Prime members only can go to Amazon, log in or create a free Baby registry, make a $25 or more purchase from their baby registry and score a FREE Munchkin bottle AND a coupon code for a FREE 8×10 photo canvas from Amazon Prints!

Note that your qualifying $25 purchase MUST be made by buying item(s) you add to your Shopping Cart from your Baby Registry so if the item you want to purchase is not already on your registry, add it to your Baby Registry first and then add it to your Shopping Cart. Taxes, shipping & handling, and gift wrap charges do not apply to the $25 purchase.

After completing your purchase of $25 or more, return to your registry and use the links Redeem bottle and Redeem canvas separately to place a FREE order for your bottle and to receive the electronic coupon for a FREE 8×10 photo canvas.
本文最后更新日期: 2017-07-11 16:44
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