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Best Places To Shop for Gifts in Oregon

作者: JC
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One friend of mine wanted to go back to China and asked me if I could recommend some places that are good for shopping in Oregon, such as outlets and malls. Also, in general how many days he needed to purchase back-to-china gift. Also, suggestions for gifts as well.

So here is my answer.

Yes, we've been to Oregon many times. For the good places to shop around, I think Woodburn mall is the best, Washington Time Square is so so.

We bought some gifts from Woodburn mall last year when it had a big sale, I think mainly North Face outdoor wear for relatives, Nike shoes, kids shoes. However, for coach bags, we bought from the Premium Outlet Mall in Seattle at I5 exit 202.

Some gifts could be available online, such as United States coin collection etc. We've assembled a list and just keep adding to it as we bought or heard of, it will give you some ideas what to buy, see Best Gifts for Back to China

My biggest suggestion I guess, is to figure out a time when there is a sale going on, either online or offline. Right now, For example, I think the Feb 14th Valentine day is coming close, you might take this opportunity and check if Woodburn mall has sales? I am sure they would have sales. Also online, there are sales going on around that time, so you might pay attention to also.

When you go to Oregon, you can take a look at these hotels we either stayed or heard of, they are pretty good: Best Inexpensive Hotels In Oregon

Also, you may do a search for Oregon on this site to find more information.
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