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作者: HL
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1) EverGreen的Therasa Tsang, 经验很丰富.

Bonnie Gong, 和 EverGreen的Therasa Tsang,一个OFFICE,不说中文, but really nice pesron.

Overlake, Dr. James Haines. he is a famous one. he is my ob too. so far so good. a nice guy.


千万不要找overlake 的Dr. K Van Kessel和Dr. Obbo, JMS找OB大可不必非女的不可。


Dr. Zimmer at bellegrove ObGyn.
但是不要找那里的Heather Moore. 经验太不足了,判断不准确,也不自信(同样的问题,Dr. Zimmer 说得准,而且是肯定有自信的说)


I had my first baby with Dr. Tsang in Eveengreen. It was pretty bad experience, and then I switched to Dr. Delorit at Center of Women's health for my second baby, also in Evergreen. So I got some comparison, I certainly won't recommend Dr Tsang. She may have longer clinic experience, however, since she got too many patients, she does not really care individuals.

And it is true that Evergreen tends to dismiss patients sooner. However, it really depends on your OB. Different nurses are making big difference as well for the experience during hospital stay. Unfortunately, you can not choose the nurses. So make sure at least you choose the right OB who cares about you and will speak for you.
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