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[洗衣剂降价打折] Persil Detergent 62-Count Just $14.60 Shipped

作者: HL, 更新日期: 2023-11-22
For a limited time, on Amazon where you can now get these Persil Discs Laundry Detergent Pacs 62-Count in Original Scent or Intense Fresh for just $14.60 shipped after Clip the 20% off digital coupon.

Persil ProClean Intense Fresh discs are a single use laundry detergent disc in the convenient form of a pre-measured pac. With unique four chamber technology, the four chambers work together to provide an advanced deep clean, stain removal, fiber care, and fresh release technology for up to 100 days of freshness*. Persil discs are easy to use, just place the laundry pacs into your empty washing machine drum before adding laundry. Persil discs go deep into fabric, attacking tough-to-clean stains to deliver an exceptional deep clean and freshness for your laundry. Persil discs clean effectively in all water temperatures, including cold water, and work in all washer types, including high efficiency (HE) washing machines.

Persil 通常以其强效清洁力而著称,能够有效去除衣物上的污渍和污垢。产品采用专业的配方,以确保洗涤效果出色,同时对衣物温和。产品可能提供多种香氛选择,使得洗后的衣物更加清新。Persil 的产品可能适用于各种不同类型的衣物,包括棉质、羊毛、丝绸等,以及不同颜色的衣物。
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