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FREE Kids Songs 可以免费下载的很棒的Kids音乐

作者: HL
Baby Genius has free baby Circle of Songs Downloads. Just go to Baby Genius website to sign up and get FREE songs/music, whether or not you participate in surveys, you still will get 18 Baby Genius Circle songs FREE for you to download!

At the Baby Genius site, the playlist at right is yours to download for free. Though songs may be listened to individually here on the website, all 21 Circle of Education songs must be downloaded as a group. (Entire playlist is only 35.3 MB)

A printer-friendly songbook containing lyrics to all the songs is included in the download, so you and your child can sign along!

The Free Songs list below:

01 Circle of Education Theme.mp3
02 The Goodbye Song.mp3
03 The Sign In Song.mp3
04 Criss Cross Applesauce.mp3
05 Pinch, Pinch, Your Pencil.mp3
06 Raise Your Hand.mp3
07 ABC Rap.mp3
08 I Can Read and Write.mp3
09 Taking Turns.mp3
10 Keep Your Hands to Yourself.mp3
11 1, 2, I Love You.mp3
12 It's Okay To Be Me.mp3
13 The Friendship Song.mp3
14 The Shapes/Colors Song.mp3
15 Fruits and Veggies.mp3
16 It's Good to be Green.mp3
17 It's Fun to Exercise.mp3
18 Wash Your Hands.mp3
19 I Can Take Care of Myself.mp3
20 It's Great to Be Me.mp3
21 The Hello Song.mp3
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